Philosophy dal Zotto stoves

You may wonder what this section is and why we called it "philosophy"... well, we want you to follow out which are our objectives when we realize a product, from its planning to manufacturing and distribution, this is our "working philosophy". Not only the high quality of the materials, the skills of workforce at all levels, or a nationwide brand, but also the handcrafted care of the details, the search for alternative design solutions, the use of cast-iron of strictly Italian origin, high reliability, lasting and eco-friendly components, clean smoke outlet without polluting emissions. And if you also add the incomparable price/quality relationship.. you will understand why we like talking about philosophy. Philosophy in distribution too, considering that our customers have wide selling areas avoiding the inconvenience of offer overlapping. Finally consider also how the strongest human principles (like love, family and friendship) have inside a clear reference to heat. We know it well. . For this reason we integrate all this in our products, so we can obtain the final result which we call "Natura e Calore" ("Nature and Heat"). Try to embrace this philosophy ... You won't regret it.